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There are many reasons to trust BoatSP

·         We offer more than 1.2 million original spare parts for Japanese motorcycles   and watercraft.

·         All orders are sent by courier to your address

·         Three easy steps to find the parts you need

·         Online spare parts diagrams for each model

·         Staff with many years of experienced in the industry

·         Only genuine spare parts in manufacturer's packaging

·         Warranty on all products we offer

·         Friendly professional service

·         Low transport /courier rates


There are three (3) different ways to search for parts:

1.        By the genuine / original part number code

2.        By parts diagrams for each model

3.        Or by choosing the parts category for your model

You can select whichever way suits you from our home page.

Our database is constantly updated with new and classic models. It may be that your model has not been uploaded yet on our website. In such a case, please contact us by e-mail: info@boatsp.gr or telephone to provide you with the part numbers that you require.

BoatSP is a parts distribution center and not a retail store. Unfortunately, you cannot pick up your order from our warehouse. All deliveries are dispatched by courier shipment.

In order to offer you the lowest transportation rates we do not send orders via C.O.D method. You will be informed about the transport charges by the completion of your order, which will be shown on your invoice.

We do not offer used parts. All parts are new, genuine from the manufacturer in factory packaging.

If you are unable to find the specific part you are looking for, or not sure about the code number, please contact us either by email: info@boatsp.gr  or phone: (+30) 210 2832767 and we will be happy to provide any assistance you might require.

Our website has been constructed in a very user-friendly way. We offer ample information for each spare part such as, diagrams, part number, price and availability. Your order needs to be entered on our website by you, so you know exactly what you will receive and the total cost of your order. If you are not sure about the part you are looking for, or the model year of your motorcycle, please contact us to assist you.

There is the chance that some specific parts may not be available from our stock or the manufacturer. If any spare parts are not available through our suppliers, you will be informed immediately about the time of availability within 24 hours from the time of your order by e-mail or telephone.

In this case, you will have the option to either keep your order status and receive your spare parts at a later date, or cancel these parts with no charge.

All orders are shipped in 3 to 15 business days. Common fast moving spare parts such as service parts are shipped the following day for most models. Slower moving parts might require a few extra days for shipment, in order to provide you with our best price, since we need to receive these from the manufacturer.

All national orders are sent by Geniki Taxydromiki or speddex courier. Parcels will be delivered the next business day (from receipt) in Greece, except for specific remote destinations where delivery time is two (2) days.

Orders outside of Greece will be shipped via Post or UPS courier and delivery time varies among countries. You will be informed about delivery times upon completion of your order.

Once your order has been shipped by us, you will receive an email with its tracking number (tracker-ID code). Through the Track-Trace function from Geniki Taxydromiki or Speddex website, you can track your shipment in real time:


Customers receiving their orders through UPS will also be informed by email with their relative tracking number, which can be used to track your order at UPS website: www.ups.com.

Prefecture of Attica

For shipping in Attica with next day delivery, the shipping cost is 4.00 euro for the first 2 kilos. For each additional kilo, an extra cost of 0.95 euro per kilo is charged.

Rest of Greece

For shipping to inland destinations with next day delivery, the shipping cost is 5.00 euro for the first 3 kilos. For each additional kilo, an extra cost of 0.95 euro per kilo is charged.

Greek Islands

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