For inquires regarding wholesale prices please contact us by email: info@motosp.gr or by telephone at (+30) 210 2832767.



Sell us your old stock parts -today!

We at BoatSP are always looking to buy inventories of Japanese original  watercraft parts. 

We are interested in buying your stock of genuine parts for Honda Kawasaki Suzuki and Yamaha.


BoatSP is interested in larger dealer stock only. Please do not email us if you have just a few line items. Due to shipping expenses and stocking efforts, it is not efficient for us to accept only a few items.  

The parts need to be (mostly) in the original packing with part numbers. Parts out of the original packing must have part numbers. Parts without part numbers are not of any value to us. The parts need to be in perfect condition. Damaged parts are not of value to us. 


In order to offer a fair price, BoatSp looks at the sales opportunity of these parts. Parts might have a high retail value, but if there is no demand for them, then their value depreciates. We will judge your stock by our sales history, some parts will sell better than other parts, and this is how we value your inventory. We will pay a fair price for what you have to offer. 


In order to proceed we will require the following:

1.      A list of your parts inventory (part number and quantity)

2.      If you do not have a list please do e-mail us pictures of your warehouse and the stock of parts you are looking to sell


When ready, please email us your list or pictures at info@motosp.gr along with your contact information and we will reply as soon as we have viewed and analyzed your offer.


Thank you for your kind attention and we do look forward to hearing from you!


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